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State Regulators Continue Their Misinformation Campaign on Crowdfunding

Equity and debt-based crowdfunding (aka crowdfund investing) isn’t even live yet and State regulators, rather than engage in effective and productive dialogue with our industry on how to best protect investors, has chosen to continue its misinformation campaign by describing fraud that is NOT crowdfunding, as if it were crowdfunding. Crowdfunding, as part of the …

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World Bank Selects CCA

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The World Bank has selected Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) as the winning bid for the engagement titled, “Crowdfunding: Unlocking early-stage financing for innovative developing country entrepreneurs.”  The project will deliver research at the intersection of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to create opportunities for inclusive growth, job creation and poverty reduction in the developing world.  During the …

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What are the Global Implications for Crowdfund Investing?

Government focused on growing economies focus on creating jobs. Small business and entrepreneurs are the driving force behind every successful economy across the globe. Cultures and governments that embrace and celebrate the entrepreneur are more likely to succeed in both the short and long term. Although crowdfund investing is not an economic cure-all, it can …

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New Data Released by the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) Shows Surprising Results


How much do you know about Crowdfunding? This was the context of a survey conducted by Crowdfunding Professional Association in conjunction with Crowdfund Capital Advisors. They asked 442 entrepreneurs, investors and intermediaries about their interest in crowdfunding, and also about themselves. What they discovered was encouraging as to the level of interest and how much …

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Crowdfund Investing-Trick or Treat? CFI isn’t the Bogeyman some would have you believe


Proceed with caution, Halloween is coming …and some would have you believe the specter of fraud looms menacingly over crowdfund investing, and that the Invisible Fraudster is this year’s version of the big, bad bogeyman. Fraud, fraud, fraud. Had it with all the discussions about why Crowdfund Investing (aka equity and debt-based crowdfunding) due to …

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