The 2022 Investment Crowdfunding Annual Report: What a Wild Ride

Crowdfund Capital Advisors is pleased to announce the release of its 2022 Investment Crowdfunding Annual Report.


If you were an investor in 2022, it was quite the ride. From supply chain shortages to hyperinflation, soaring gas prices, to market volatility, rocketing interest rates, and the war in Ukraine. It was one twist after another. With the lingering effects of the pandemic still present, it is no surprise that investors pulled back.

This was equally felt in Investment Crowdfunding, where the industry saw its first down year for capital commitments. While investors showed up less, they wrote larger checks than ever. Issuers’ demand for capital shrunk as they postponed offerings, and valuations that rose to record highs earlier in the year began to crack and settled down to more normal seed round levels.

In 2022, over 320,000 Americans poured half a billion dollars into more than 1,500 offerings on Regulation Crowdfunding websites. Women and minorities were some of the biggest beneficiaries, and at-risk and distressed communities all across the United States saw deals. Over $4 billion was pumped into local economies thanks to Investment Crowdfunding and hundreds of thousands of jobs supported. Investment Crowdfunding is definitely living up to its namesake, the JOBS Act.

We share with the reader a list of all companies that raised over $1 million this year and have a case study that digs into what $1,000 invested into all deals that raised $1 million would be worth today. With $54 billion in enterprise value pent up and exits forthcoming, these average American crowdfund investors stand to gain.

We expect another volatile year in 2023 as the Fed struggles with the economy and markets react to inflation, jobs, and a pending recession. All this and much more in our 105-page report with 100 tables, charts, and images.

Our annual report is a comprehensive review of the online investment industry with a comparison to prior years and predictions for 2023. The data in the report is aggregated from all online investment platforms that are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and overseen by FINRA. Each day, data is collected, normalized, aggregated, and reported to Bloomberg for industry analysis and coverage.

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