Policy and Regulation

Policy and Recommendations: Shaping Crowdfunding Frameworks for Success

At Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA), our policy and recommendation services have been instrumental in promoting and shaping investment crowdfunding globally.

Our extensive experience and advocacy work have significantly impacted legislative frameworks, policy development, and ecosystem creation.

Global Promotion of Investment Crowdfunding:

  • World Bank Collaboration: Through our collaboration with the World Bank, we have actively promoted investment crowdfunding on a global scale. Our report, “Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World,” has become a cornerstone reference for legislative frameworks and policy creation in investment crowdfunding. It accurately portrays the importance of balanced stakeholder engagement and regulation to foster industry innovation while protecting investors from fraud.

Shaping Regulation and Advocacy:

  • Pushing for Regulation Crowdfunding in the USA: We played a pivotal role in advocating and shaping Regulation Crowdfunding in the USA. We influenced the final rules and regulations through active engagement, attending SEC meetings, and providing position papers and comment letters. We continue our advocacy efforts in Washington, DC, working with legislators and lobby groups to provide industry updates and offer policy recommendations to improve efficiency and support the crowdfunding industry.

Government Collaboration and Ecosystem Creation:

  • Saudi Arabia Crowdfunding Ecosystem: As advisors to the Saudi Arabian government, we were instrumental in creating the entire crowdfunding ecosystem. Our involvement ranged from conducting SWOT ecosystem analysis to best practices globally, culminating in comprehensive policy recommendations for the government’s consideration.
  • Securities Commission of Malaysia: We provided valuable input to the Securities Commission of Malaysia, identifying areas of weakness in their crowdfunding policy and suggesting improvements. Our expertise helped shape their regulatory framework, supporting the growth and development of crowdfunding in Malaysia.

Partner with CCA for policy guidance and recommendations that drive effective crowdfunding frameworks. Our deep understanding of the industry, global experience, and advocacy work ensure that your policies and regulations foster innovation, protect investors, and promote the growth of the crowdfunding ecosystem.