CCLEAR CrowdFinance 50 Index

The CCLEAR CrowdFinance 50 Index was designed to track private U.S. companies’ daily online capital-raising activities. This index, updated daily, is based on the capital investments received by the top 50 private issuers that meet specific criteria and are listed on Crowdfund Capital Advisors’ data platform, CCLEAR. The dataset includes nearly 7,000 securities offerings with a market value of approximately $66 billion. The index stands out because it ranks top-performing issuers by their capital commitments, unlike other indices focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)​.

The index serves as a barometer of investor sentiment across various industries and geographies. It is also used as a tool to measure economic recovery, especially during the COVID-19 health crisis. For example, Sherwood Neiss, a principal at Crowdfund Capital Advisors, noted that the index had shown significant increases in investor interest in supporting SMEs across the country after the onset of the pandemic. This was evident from the index values, which saw a dramatic rise from an average of 127.2 in the 12 months leading up to the pandemic to 215% or 146 points higher after the pandemic began.

Furthermore, CCA collates real-time offerings from over 50 securities-based crowdfunding platforms. This extensive collection of data offers insights into the daily fundraising activities of top companies in the industry. By analyzing the index, it’s possible to gauge the amount of money being raised through crowdfunding and understand trends in investor sentiment, as well as the perceived potential of the companies currently raising funds.

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