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Crowdfunding Data with CCLEAR™

CCA’s Title III Crowdfunding Database, otherwise known as CCLEAR™  (standing for Collect, Clean, Aggregate and Report), has been in full production since Regulation Crowdfunding was implemented on May 16, 2016. CCLEAR collects over 153  data points including for each offering. This includes 64 data fields in addition to that which is submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Data is visually presented using our business intelligence software. (Click the links or images below to go to respective dashboard)

Industry/Media Dashboard – PUBLIC


Rollup information about the industry, capital commitments and backers by region, platforms and industry. Including filters to compare open vs closed campaigns, funded vs failed campaigns and portal performance.

Investor/Regulator Dashboard – PRIVATE

All in one dashboard of each offering. Including funding status, % of funding target, financial information, daily transactional volume (including capital commitments and number of investors) and a live link to the campaign page.

Regulation CF Platform Performance – PRIVATE

CCLEAR integrates portals as they are approved by FINRA. CCLEAR captures daily transactional information from every portal. Detailed comparison of industry players by capital commitments, number of investors, regional influence and industry strength.

CCLEAR is the first of its kind database to provide transparency into the private capital markets, promotes industry standards and ensure market transparency and credibility.

Clients for CCLEAR include:

  1. Investors and Hedge Funds seeking to understand where capital is flowing and identify early investment opportunities based on crowd interest.
  2. Regulators and government organizations seeking to understand economic impact at a local, regional and national level as well as job creation.
  3. Media seeking to shed light onto the private capital markets and provide benchmarks for companies and
  4. Industry stakeholders like Platforms that seek to understand how the industry is evolving and how they stack up against their competitors

To learn more about CCLEAR please send an inquiry to: sherwood@theccagroup.com.