CCLEAR, Inc. Launches CapitalPulse Ratings for Enhanced Analysis of Regulation Crowdfunding Investments

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CCLEAR, Inc. Launches CapitalPulse Ratings for Enhanced Analysis of Regulation Crowdfunding Investments

Denver, CO – January 4, 2023: CCLEAR, Inc., a subsidiary of Crowdfund Capital Advisors, LLC (CCA), is excited to announce the launch of CapitalPulse RatingsTM, a pioneering rating system designed for private companies engaged in Regulation Crowdfunding. This innovative system represents a significant step forward in the analysis of crowdfunding investments, offering dynamic, data-driven insights.

Under the stewardship of CCA – the team behind the framework of Regulation Crowdfunding – CCLEAR, Inc. stands at the forefront of crowdfunding data analysis. CCA’s contributions to the industry are substantial, including their role in the legislative process of Regulation Crowdfunding, the creation of a comprehensive dataset of all crowdfunding offerings, the CCLEAR CrowdFinance 50TM, an index that tracks the overall health and trends of the Regulation Crowdfunding market, and authorship of the ‘Dummies Guide to Investment Crowdfunding.’

CapitalPulse Ratings: Merging Traditional Analysis with Investor Sentiment
CapitalPulse Ratings offers an intricate look at the investment landscape, merging traditional venture analysis—such as company performance and industry benchmarks—with groundbreaking insight into investor sentiment. Sherwood Neiss, Principal at Crowdfund Capital Advisors, states,”CapitalPulse Ratings consider the tried-and-true metrics that angels and venture capitalists rely on, then enhance this with real-time data on how much and how quickly investors are backing these companies. This dual approach gives a 360-degree view of a company’s true investment potential.”

The CapitalPulse algorithm reviews investment crowdfunding offerings and rates them from good to bad based on when a business was incorporated, where it is located, if it has sales, how fair its valuation is compared to others in its industry, how much capital has been invested, how many investors in the round, and other factors like cash, accounts receivables, short-term debt, long-term debt, and income. Each company is scored and ranked into categories.

CapitalPulse Ratings categorizes companies into five distinct tiers, each reflecting the company’s potential and current market position:

  • Rapid Raiser: Companies with swift capital inflow, showing strong investor confidence.
  • Steady Climber: Companies demonstrating consistent growth in investor interest.
  • Emerging Contender: Companies with unfulfilled potential but showing promise.
  • Potential Unlocker: Companies with latent potential yet to be realized.
  • Emerging Opportunity: Companies whose value may not be immediately evident from current data.

Updated weekly, CapitalPulse Ratings ensures that subscribers receive the most current and relevant insights. Each category is crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of a company’s standing, aiding subscribers in making informed decisions.

Important Disclaimer
The ratings provided by CCLEAR, Inc.’s CapitalPulse Ratings serve as a powerful tool for gauging company performance and market sentiment, offering a unique layer of insight for investors navigating the Regulation Crowdfunding space. However, they are intended for informational and analytical purposes only and should not be the basis for investment decisions.

While CapitalPulse Ratings provide a snapshot of a company’s financial momentum and investor interest, they do not replace the essential, in-depth analysis of a company’s leadership, including the founders’ industry experience, their track record in building startups, or their proficiency in securing capital. Investors are encouraged to conduct thorough due diligence on all aspects of a company to build a complete investment profile.

Exclusive Access for Subscribers
Access to CapitalPulse Ratings is exclusive to subscribers of CCLEAR’s dataset, which represents a complete collection of all Regulation Crowdfunding offerings. This exclusivity emphasizes CCLEAR’s commitment to delivering high-quality, actionable data.

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About CCLEAR, Inc.
As a wholly owned subsidiary of Crowdfund Capital Advisors, LLC, CCLEAR, Inc. is a leader in Regulation Crowdfunding data analysis. The team’s involvement in developing the Regulation Crowdfunding framework positions them as a key player in the industry, equipped to provide unparalleled insights and data.