At Spinn, the perfect cup of coffee has never been more convenient – or environmentally friendly.
Backed by VCs including Spark Capital, Amazon’s Alexa Fund and Bar9 Ventures, Spinn’s one-touch solution to high-quality coffee is revolutionizing the $362B global coffee market.
Our vision is to build a connected ecosystem for exceptional specialty coffee, elevating in-home coffee experiences. Spinn is more than coffee – it’s a cultural experience connecting people.
In today’s fast-paced society, single-serve coffee makers that use pre-measured coffee pods or capsules like Keurig and Nespresso have become ubiquitous in homes and offices worldwide. But this convenience comes at a huge cost to the environment, generating a staggering 576,000 metric tons of waste each year… that’s 300 football fields.
It’s not just the environmental impact that’s concerning. These machines heat up water to a scorching 200 degrees Fahrenheit, releasing microplastics from the coffee pods. These microplastics end up in our bodies