The future of professional event photography.
With the $53 billion photographic services industry long overdue for disruption – Snapify’s beta users are already calling our patent-pending AI technology a game-changer!
Our mission is to redefine and simplify (a.k.a. ‘snapify’) typically-tedious workflows for busy event photographers and improve the client and attendee experience by making both the shoot and post-photoshoot processes fast, secure, and effortless.
Snapify’s intuitive solution for professional photographers fits seamlessly into their day-to-day work, giving them a competitive edge by significantly reducing their post-production workload.
Snapify helps professional event photographers to back-up, cull, edit and deliver their event snaps – in a snap!
Whatever the occasion – from weddings to corporate events –​ hosts want to relive their precious memories and receive their beautiful photos quickly. 
Too many disparate tools and services: Professional photographers typically use a host of