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The Opioid Crisis Kills One American Every Five Minutes, Costs Our Country $1 Trillion Per Year…
And The Problem Is Getting Worse!
Death by drug overdose – mainly from opioids like fentanyl – has more than doubled in recent years from about 44,000 in 2013, to over 107,000 in 2021…

It is now the #1 cause of death among Americans 18-45 according to the CDC.

That’s why in February 2022, the FDA published guidance around their current thinking about three specific topics: the development of non-opioid analgesic products for acute pain, labeling claims, and expedited programs as they pertain to this purpose.

What does this mean for investors?

A potential “open window” to own the next generation of blockbuster non-opioid pain management therapies…

And with it, the chance to reduce the impact of the opioid epidemic that costs the American people $1 trillion per year while killing more than 293 people each day (and climbing).

However, launching blockbuster drugs can be a long, expensive, and h