Allowing everyone to participate in IPOs

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) process is broken.

Every year, the most innovative companies in the world go public, with tens of billions of dollars changing hands through a process invented over a century ago.

The main problem is access and transparency. IPO investing is only available to a handful of large institutions and banks. The pricing is based on the company’s financials, market conditions and expected demand, but in the end, the final price is decided in a “black box.”

Current pricing doesn’t reflect actual market demand.

The actual IPO pricing doesn’t happen when a company lists on a stock exchange…

… it happens the night before, when the company sells most of its shares to a handful of large, preferred investors.

As a result of inaccurate pricing and privileged access, when the company’s stock begins trading, it can POP 100% or more! This favors the institutions over the company and retail investors.

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