It all started with a crazy nuclear physicist. After his early scientific career got sidetracked, he spent a career in commercial real estate… until he decided it was time to get back to science. He had a thought… hmm all the R-22 replacements out there suck. Surely, we can create a better one!

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So we got to work! After 4 years of some hard core chemistry, R&D and real world testing on 100’s of formulas, we were able to create an entirely new refrigerant that worked, and it really worked! Along the way, we realized all the lab coat scientists creating refrigerants don’t actually test anything or talk to techs in the REAL WORLD – they relied almost exclusively on computer simulations. News flash, the world doesn’t operate that way!

After that experience, we knew why so many of the new refrigerants simply suck and cause so many problems when being installed in the field with no instructions or support. Nobody ever bothered t