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The Role of Transparency in Small Business

While the most basic definition of transparency is “see-through,” in today’s competitive, online marketplace, this term has become synonymous with a new trend in customer service — being completely open, honest and upfront with consumers, especially on the internet.

What are some benefits to utilizing this translucent approach?trust

In a Perfect World

There is no such thing as perfect, period, and today’s consumers are well aware of this fact. Rather than attempting to hide mistakes, bury problems and otherwise pretend that something negative never really happened, acknowledge the errors and move on. Everyone makes mistakes, and people will give their trust and identify better with those who accept their shortcomings and still persevere.

The Internet of Everything

Many have already heard this phrase, or its cousin, the internet of all things, because practically everything related to any type of information can already be found online. There aren’t really any trade secrets, little known industry facts, it’s all pretty much out there, and consumers will find out whether you choose to share the information with them or not. You might as well just put it out there yourself and your customers will recognize and respect these revelations.

Contact – 1 – 2 – 3

Many ecommerce sites attempt to conceal their identity, hide their contact information or stash their phone numbers out of sight to cut down on incoming inquiries that can often become frustrating. But keeping this information under wraps will lead to suspicion from consumers who will look elsewhere for a business with a more open image.

From the Inside Out

Practice transparency from inside your organization and this will promote trust and teamwork from within your business. Today’s web savvy consumers can often sense if things are running smoothly, people don’t “click” within an organization and this can be concerning to them.

Internet speeds move at a rate equivalent to the blink of an eye, and if customers don’t see what they want right out of the gate, they will simply move on to a more pleasant, transparent site.

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