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News Room

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Government/Public Sector (local, national)

Issues: Creating JOBS and prosperity

Providing jobs, innovation, and prosperity for citizens is a primary concern of all levels of government in the developing world and developed world.

According to a recent Kauffman Family Foundation study nearly two thirds of net new jobs are created by startup firms of less than five years old. And the creation and success of startup businesses is directly linked to their access to capital.

Crowdfund Investing is rapidly emerging as a vehicle to democratize the access to capital and place those funds in the hands of local entrepreneurs and small business people who, study after study has confirmed, create the most new jobs in any economy and contribute most to the prosperity of their community and nation.

We led the crowdfunding movement in the US, wrote the framework for the legislation, and lobbied the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act through a divided congress and to the President’s desk where it was signed into law in April of 2012. We have an unparalleled view into the legislation and the final crowdfunding rules in the United States and we offer a unique perspective on the legislative process and steps needed to modernize national securities laws to accommodate Crowdfund Investing. Crowdfund Capital Advisors has now pulled together a team of analysts and implementation consultants focused on helping our government and public sector clients fully realize the benefits that this new funding mechanism brings to their citizens.

We’ve worked with with the national governments of Canada, Colombia, Italy, Mexico,Turkey, and The United States in helping them understand the implications Crowdfund Investing has on job growth, gdp growth, and social stability. We’ve helped them build legislative strategies and create detailed policy roadmaps for implementation of CFI  frameworks to maximize job growth, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our Services for Government/Public Sector

  • Our CCA Engagement MethodologyTM (CEM) for Government/Public Sector provides a systematic approach to helping public sector organizations navigate and benefit from this new asset class in the private capital market. Our methodology uses a unique discovery, analysis and roadmapping process to align your organizational goals and objectives to an executable crowdfund investing strategy for maximum impact. We work with our public sector clients to develop executable tools and roadmaps to unleash the power of crowdfund investing.
  • We support our government clients to develop and execute strategies around crowdfund investing.
  • CCA works with governments in building policy roadmaps for implementation, and
  • Helping them measure and evaluate progress in the execution of their plans.


Contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (877)427-2350 x3 to learn how we help our Government/Public Sector clients create jobs for their citizens and encourage innovation.