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Comprehensive Crowdfunding and Early Stage Finance Advisory Services

Crowdfund Investing GlobalCrowdfund Investing (CFI) is emerging rapidly across the country and around the world and promises to dramatically expand access to capital for entrepreneurs and small businesses. More successful companies will be able to launch than ever before creating streams of innovation, technology, and jobs. Very conservative analysis from the University of California Berkeley estimates a $4B annual market in Crowdfund Investing by 2016 in the US, while Fred Wilson, the well known venture capitalist with Union Square Partners, has made a widely reported estimate that the CFI market will be $300B. Even using the conservative estimate of market size indicates that CFI will profoundly alter the funding landscape in the US and globally. Job creation and innovation are closely tied to new business formation, so governments, development organizations, and others are moving quickly to establish equity and debt-crowdfunding mechanisms to increase employment and foster new business formation. 

ccavaluepropositionThe CCA Engagement MethodologyTM (CEM) provides a systematic approach to helping our clients maximize their return on investment. The CCA methodology uses our unique discovery, analysis, and roadmapping process to align our client organization’s goals and objectives to an executable Crowdfund Investing strategy for maximum impact. We work with client teams to develop executable tools and roadmaps to unleash the power of Crowdfund Investing for their organization or community; ensuring that our clients are positioned as the leaders in this new environment.

We offer a complete range of Crowdfund Investing advisory and consulting services aimed at helping our clients prepare for the new CFI environment and to enable their organizations to leverage it for competitive advantage.

Crowdfund Investing GovernmentWe advise local, federal, and foreign governments, NGOs, economic development organizations like the World Bank and the United States Department of State, as well as family offices, chambers of commerce, professional investment firms, professional services firms, corporations and crowdfunding ecosystem entrants and entrepreneurs interested in innovating around this new source of growth capital.

We wrote the framework, led the movement and we have knowledge, access and contacts in the Crowdfund Investment community that no one else can offer.