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jasonwhitehouseJason Best, Sherwood Neiss, and Zak Cassady-Dorion the founders of Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA), led the crowdfund investing movement in the United States, lobbied for its passage, and wrote the framework signed into law by the President in 2012. They have visited and worked with the governments and stakeholders in Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and Italy on their Crowdfund Investing programs. CCA has recently been awarded a project by the World Bank, “Crowdfunding: Unlocking early-state financing for developing country entrepreneurs.” Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) is recognized as a global thought leader in the area of Crowdfund Investing and early-stage venture finance.

The principals of CCA have authored the book, Crowdfund Investing for Dummies (Wiley), and they have created original research in conjunction with the University of California Berkeley, and the Thunderbird School of Global Management looking at the size of the crowdfund investing market over the next five years. Their white paper, “How Crowdfund Investing Helps Solve Three Pressing Socioeconomic Challenges” explores how Crowdfund Investing increases GDP, creates jobs, and contributes to national political stability in both the developed and developing worlds. They advise local chambers of commerce, national governments, NGOs, economic development organizations, family offices, private equity groups and VCs on the benefit and challenges of Crowdfund Investing.

Global StartupIn January, 2013 they were awarded Key Partnership status with the US State Department’s, Global Entrepreneurship Program, and joined the State Department’s Official Delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Dubai, UAE. They have presented or have been accepted to present at The White House (Washington DC), TEDx (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), South by Southwest (Austin, Texas), Globe Forum (Stockholm, Sweden), Global Entrepreneurship Summit (Dubai, UAE), Global Innovation Summit (San Jose, CA), and the World Economic Forum (New York, NY). They are both Inc 500 entrepreneurs and understand how to incubate ideas, mentor them and match funding to winning ones. Their upcoming book, “Web 3.0 – How Crowdfund Investing will Transforms Global Communities Locally” is currently in development.