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Join Us for the 1st CCA Quarterly Modern Private Capital Markets Webinar



Here is a private view of some of the content we will be delivering in the Webinar:

• For the time in history we can track all the information uploaded to the internet related to Title II, III and IV of the JOBS Act. 

• We built and have been analyzing a database that has 404 columns and over 182,000 data points (and growing). 

• In 100 slides, we will deliver not just data, but CCA’s analysis of emerging trends. This analysis benefits from our work in 40 countries on all forms of debt and equity crowdfunding.


   Crowdfunding and Online Finance under Title II, III and IV of the JOBS Act

               100 Slides of Data with Analysis and Market Signals


• Briefing on the JOBS Act

• Our Data Methodology

• How much capital is flowing?

• By week/Day of the Week

• By month

• By increments of $1M committed

• By backers/month

• By region

• By state

*** Average investor commitment ***

Portal performance

• Who has the most deals?

• Who has the most successful deals?

• Which portal has the highest average per successful campaign?

• Which has the highest number of backers?

• How many backers per month are entering the space?

• Can portals drive dollars?

• The one portal we are avoiding at all costs?

• Average cost of a successful raise?

Issuer performance

• Number of issuances over time

• Average days to hit minimum funding target

• Average length of a campaign

• Failure percent

• Average amount failed campaigns reach vs average minimum target

• Percent of campaigns that hit their funding target in the first 25, 50 and 75% of time

• Percent of campaigns that exceed their minimum funding target

Campaign performance

• The Video effect on capital commitments

• The Social Media effect

*** Average number of social connections required to hit your minimum funding target ***

• Average number of social connections required to raise $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and $1M

• Which type of structure (corp vs llc) is most popular?

• What is the most popular place to incorporate?

• What is the average age of an issuer?

• What is the average amount raised by entity structure?

• Which are the different types of securities offered?

• What is the average amount raised by security type?

• Revenue Based Financing – The Secret Weapon?

• How does issuer communication impact campaigns?

• What is the average amount raised by responsiveness?

• Target offering amounts

• What kind of revenues do these companies have?

• What kind of profits do these companies have?

• How well capitalized are these companies?

• What kind of liabilities are these companies sitting on?

*** Valuation ***

• What is the average valuation by entity structure?

• What is the average valuation by security type?

• What is the average valuation by responsiveness?

• The Role of Third Party Analysis “The Stratifund Effect”

• Scores to hitting minimum funding target

• Scores to average capital commitments

• Case study

• Successful Issuer

• Failed issuer

• 2 critical things successful issuers need to do now

Industry Overview

• Sectors where capital is flowing

• Number of campaigns in each sector

• Average valuations for successful companies in each sector

• Average # of backers by sector

Comparing Title II, III & IV

• Number of issuances in Q1 of each

• Capital commitments

• Sectors most active

The Crowdfunomics Equation

• Reverse engineering successful campaigns into variable for success

Early Take Aways , Jobs Impact & Conclusion

All you need to do now is register. You can do so here  The normal price for this webinar is $249 but see if there are any 20% discount coupons left. 

If you register before the event we will throw in 2 monthly updates to the data so you can see what is happening each month!

Don’t wait and don’t miss your chance to attend this webinar!

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