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Crowdfunding Impact on Jobs, Revenue and Follow on Financing

While there are dozens of articles and columns speculating whether crowdfunding works or not, the research team at Crowdfund Capital Advisors has recently completed a study of the actual impacts of  crowdfunding on companies that raised money using this new form of finance.

Companies in the US, Europe and elsewhere that raised capital via rewards, equity and debt-based crowdfunding were questioned about the marketing benefits, job creation, follow-on investment and the return on investment (ROI). Key questions asked and findings from the survey include:

  1. Does crowdfunding have a marketing benefit that translates into sales?
  2. Does crowdfunding create jobs?
  3. Does crowdfunding deter follow-on investment?
  4. What was the ROI of a successful crowdfunding campaign?


Find the answers to these questions in our report on the Impact of Crowdfund Investing!


Impact of Crowdfund Investing
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