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For Governments & Multilateral Organizations

      1. Country & Regional Studies – In order for a crowdfunding ecosystem to evolve it needs to have the right balance of social, cultural, regulatory and technological norms. Building off the CCA Country Readiness Survey, CCA performs an in depth country analysis of local and regional startup aworldbankreportnd SME ecosystems to determine where gaps in early stage and growth capital exist and how crowdfunding might fill the void. The output of these studies are a detailed analysis of what is working, what isn’t, and recommendations to engage local stakeholders, policy makers, regulators and influencers. A major focus of these reports is how crowdfunding can help promote entrepreneurship, innovation, gender inclusivity and jobs. An example of this work is Creating a Crowdfunding Ecosystem in Chile. To request a your own country and regional study click here.
      2. Implementation & Advisory Services – With a country/regional report complete, CCA has been retained to assist in the development and implementation of the report recommendations. This may include hosting roundtables and workshops on best practices in crowdfunding and regulatory symposiums. It may also dovetail off CCA’s experience establishing local and regional crowdfunding associations. An example of the work we are currently performing in this area is Accelerating the Crowdfunding Ecosystem in Mexico to Promote Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Inclusion. To request information on implementation and advisory services click here.
      3. Co-investment & Fund development – CCA’s sister organization Crowd Capital Ventures invests in crowdfunding technologies and support services for the globally evolving crowdfunding ecosystem. We partnered with other global VCs and co-led an investment in a recent deal. Our work here has evolved to assisting and developing governmentcountry strategies around the creation and implementation of investment vehicles for governments and multilateral organizations to build seed, co-investment and top-off funds. We plan to launch the first regional crowdfund ecosystem fund in 2016. To request information on co-investment and fund vehicles click here.
      4. Education Services – The principals of CCA were the authors of the highly acclaimed “How to” book on securities based crowdfunding. Using their experience growing and scaling INC500 companies and raising money from the crowd, they have turned this into training materials. Their work for the World Bank produced a train-the-trainer program which can be leveraged by multilaterals, governments and other ecosystem enablers to self-teach crowdfunding principles and best practices. CCA’s education team can deliver in-person, mentoring, and self-Screenshot 2015-07-12 20.05.49guided instructions globally.  Learn more about CCA’s education services by clicking here.

      5. Policy & Regulatory Services – As the co-authors of the framework that became the basis for Title III, Crowdfunding, of the U.S. JOBS Act, we deeply understand how the right policy and regulation can either enable or inhibit crowdfunding to evolve.  CCA’s principals have testified 5 times in front of both U.S. House and Senate Congressional hearings. They have also provided services in Italy, Israel, Malaysia and most recently Chile.  CCA’s Balanced Stakeholder framework has been used globally to create policy that leverages technology to achieve everyone’s goals. CCA can assist in hosting a 2-day policy summit on crowdfunding that will explain the intricacies of the laws globally, share best practices and provide a safe environment to discuss a path forward. Contact us to learn more about our policy and regulatory services.   

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For Crowdfunding Technology Companies and Support Services

  • Corporate services – Most recently we were approached by two Fortune 500 companies wanting to learn more about crowdfunding and how they can leverage the crowd to build products or services that better target their communities. We helped these companies with crowdsourcing tools to deliver bottom up innovation. In doing so we introduced these firms to new business partners, new employees and new innovation. We also worked with the same firms to provide an overall view of the crowdfunding ecosystem to help in their strategic planning for entering the space. Contact us to learn more about our corporate services.

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For Individuals and Investors

  • Investors wanting to learn how to invest in crowdfund opportunities – There’s no question, investing in crowdfunding opportunities is a high risk activity. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it but that you should plan appropriately. CCA offers investor education services to help individuals understand how to structure a portfolio to properly diversify into crowdfund opportunities. The best way to hedge against loss is to have a broad portfolio. We explain these concepts in our book, our online education series and through an investor education workshop. To learn more about how we can help you with investor education, contact us.    

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