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Rabbit Report: Fundnel

We are starting to see the seeds of equity crowdfunding platforms planted regionally as the next frontier for crowdfunding (equity) begins to sweep the globe. These platforms are merging local and regional deal flow with experienced teams, cutting edge technology and capital. In this Rabbit Report we explore one platform out of Asia that is …

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Rabbit Report: SeedInvest


When people think about Crowdfunding, they usually think of Kickstarter. Kickstarter allows anyone to back good ideas in exchange for a reward. There is no financial return attached to Kickstarter projects. On May 16, 2016 when the 3rd and final part of the JOBS Act, Title III (aka Regulation Crowdfunding), goes into effect this will …

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Rabbit Report: KoreConX

If you’ve ever been through due diligence for any kind of business transaction, you know all the work that goes into assembling these documents. It can be cumbersome for the company, investors and also the intermediary facilitating the transaction. This is necessary for an audit, financing, M&A, or IPO. In addition, communicating with your investors and …

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Crowdfunomics Selection Matrix (CSM) – Matching Your Product or Service to the Right Kind of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunomics Selection Matrix

One of the biggest questions we hear from entrepreneurs using our Success with Crowdfunding program is “How do I know what type of crowdfunding is right for my kind of company?”  The importance of this question cannot be understated.  If you fail to select the right kind of crowdfunding model (eg: donation, rewards, debt or …

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