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The RABBIT ReportTM provides investors with global insight into innovative technology companies, analysis and candid opinions regarding marketplace lending and equity crowdfunding ecosystems. 

Each week we will select a promising company to highlight and will discuss the problem they are addressing, the solution they have developed and why we think they are worth following based on this thesis: There are 5 sectors where innovation is emerging in the debt and equity crowdfunding (a.k.a. online finance) marketplace:

  1. Crowdfunding platforms and secondary markets
  2. Trust and transparency tools
  3. Data analytic companies
  4. Money transfer/blockchain technologies
  5. Crowdfund Market Sector White Space

The Rabbit Report is sponsored by Ellenoff Grossman & Schole

EGS has been an integral member of the establishment of the crowdfunding industry and is the most active law firm focused on this space both domestically and worldwide.  Their 10 member crowdfunding practice group represents funding platforms that cater to venture and real estate opportunities. 

Rabbit Report – Catapult: Benchmarking Companies by Analyzing Investment Risk

How can an investor with limited experience investing in early stage companies realistically gauge the risk of different investments? This RABBIT Report looks at a team of Babson College entrepreneurship experts who have distilled their research, knowledge and experience into an algorithm that looks at 180+ data points to analyze risk and benchmark companies. Company: Catapult Intelligence (www.catapultintel.com) …

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Rabbit Report: EqSeed – A Brazilian Equity Crowdfunding Platform Tackling Economic Challenges

In a country struggling with economic, political and social challenges, how does an equity crowdfunding platform become part of the solution in filling the funding gap where regulations stifle business starts and investments? This RABBIT[1] Report details one of the early pioneers in Brazil. (www.eqseed.com) Company: EqSeed  Sector:Platforms & Secondary Markets Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil …

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Rabbit Report – CashRun

Is combatting credit card fraud really that important in the crowdfunding ecosystem?  YES it is…In this R.A.B.B.I.T. Report we learn more about one innovator’s unique approach to beating fraudsters.     Company:  CashRun* (www.cashrun.com) Sector: Money Transfer / Blockchain Location: Singapore / San Francisco   Summary: CashRun is a unique online payment fraud protection service that actually …

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Rabbit Report – AlgoValue

How do founders and early stage investors establish defendable, standards-based valuations that can be agreed upon? In This R.A.B.B.I.T. Report we explore one company that has created a potential solution to this challenge. Company: AlgoValue (www.algovalue.com) Sector: Data and Analytics Location: New York/London/Tel Aviv Summary: One of the questions regularly asked regarding crowdfunding/early stage finance …

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Rabbit Report – AngelSpan

How do founders communicate with investors in early and mid-stage companies? Traditionally, it has been with high friction and rarely. In This RABBIT Report we explore one company that has created a potential solution to this problem.    Company:  AngelSpan (www.angelspan.com) Sector:       Trust & Transparency Location:   Austin, Texas Summary: While it is common …

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Rabbit Report: Fundnel

We are starting to see the seeds of equity crowdfunding platforms planted regionally as the next frontier for crowdfunding (equity) begins to sweep the globe. These platforms are merging local and regional deal flow with experienced teams, cutting edge technology and capital. In this Rabbit Report we explore one platform out of Asia that is …

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Rabbit Report: SeedInvest


When people think about Crowdfunding, they usually think of Kickstarter. Kickstarter allows anyone to back good ideas in exchange for a reward. There is no financial return attached to Kickstarter projects. On May 16, 2016 when the 3rd and final part of the JOBS Act, Title III (aka Regulation Crowdfunding), goes into effect this will …

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Rabbit Report: KoreConX

If you’ve ever been through due diligence for any kind of business transaction, you know all the work that goes into assembling these documents. It can be cumbersome for the company, investors and also the intermediary facilitating the transaction. This is necessary for an audit, financing, M&A, or IPO. In addition, communicating with your investors and …

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