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Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) delivers strategic insights to government agencies, financial institutions, and professional investors seeking to both create and implement innovative strategies to utilize crowdfund investing (CFI) technologies to drive innovation, job creation and entrepreneurship. They also study and invest in the emerging ecosystem of crowdfunding and the new solutions being created that will impact the broader private capital markets.  The social web has changed the way individuals businesses, and governments organize and communicate and transact business.   We are passionate about creating innovation, entrepreneurship and jobs through the use of crowdfunding.  CCA delivers strategic services and implementation programs that create, proprietary deal flow for professional investors, better access to capital for businesses and policy and regulatory innovation for governments.

CCA Co-Founders and Managing Partners Sherwood Neiss and Jason Best created the original Startup Exemption regulatory framework that became crowdfunding language in the JOBS Act.  They then started a grass-roots, self-funded campaign to make one of the largest changes to securities regulations in 80 years.  Their 460-day campaign concluded April 5th 2012 when they attended the White House Rose Garden ceremony where President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law. 

 Since then, the CCA team has grown to include new Partners and Associates.  The team now delivers their expertise, access and relationships to provide advisory services that drive business results to clients and build the global crowdfunding industry:

  • Serve as advisors to financial, governmental and development institutions - Examples include:
    • Hedge Fund and Family Office clients:  Provide access to proprietary deal flow for investments in the crowdfundingDeliver ongoing intelligence/strategy on this emerging space.
    • Top 50 global bank
    • World Bank – creation of strategic models for crowdfunding in developingDeveloped crowdfunding educational programs for investors and entrepreneurs
    • Inter-American Development Bank:  deliver policy and regulatory and implementation programs to legalize and launch crowdfunding inThis project will serve as blueprint for other countries in Latin America
    • Malaysian Securities Commission – delivered policy, regulatory, and educational programs to launch equity crowdfunding inLaunch event Sept. 2014

  • Serve as Advisors in 12 companies in the global crowdfunding industry.  Example engagements include:Crowdfund Investing
    • Delivered international expansion strategy for US-based equity crowdfunding platform
    • Leveraged industry relationships to save months of BD time to launch a new crowdfunding ecosystem service company
    • Provided thought leadership to national decision makers in support of industry/client development including SEC, Congress and White House
    • Created go-to-market strategy for unique investor platform launching in 2015

  • Testified 5 times in the US Senate and US House to deliver expertise on crowdfunding issues

  • Conducted US State Department Missions to 14 countries to deliver business and policy strategy for the creation of crowdfunding through meetings with the government, investor, entrepreneur, media and academic sectors in each country.  This establishes us as thought leaders in these markets/regions.
  • In over 25 countries, we have delivered strategy and implementation thought leadership on crowdfunding/early stage finance initiatives to deliver jobs, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Held private meetings with the current and prior SEC Chair as well as each of the other SEC commissioners to discuss pending JOBS Act regulation.  Met over a dozen times with SEC staff to provide industry data and provide policy recommendations
  • Co-Founders of the UC Berkeley Research Program on Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance that is the top research program in the world in crowdfinance.  We co-host the annual Global Academic and Policy Symposium on Crowdfunding
  • Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
  • Co-Founders of crowdfunding industry trade groups in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Latin America – this provides us with unique access to the global ecosystem
  • Speaking engagements at numerous events including: The White House, SXSW, TEDx, Aspen Institute, World Economic Forum, Mexico Ministry of Economy, World Bank, US State Dept. Rockefeller Foundation, Malaysian Securities Commission, Global Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Media appearances/coverage include: CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC, MSNBC, CCTV, WSJ, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch, Politico, Inc., Fortune

Example CCA Research, Media and Publications Include:

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