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11/15/2013 McKinsey & Co - Why crowdfunding appeals to the Middle East
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guyswhitehouseCrowdfund investing is one of the first new asset classes in 30 years that is driving the creation of a new industry and ecosystem. CCA’s founders crafted the legislative framework that became the crowdfunding language in the JOBS Act.

Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) is a consulting and advisory firm working with professional investors, governments, development organizations, and NGOs’, corporations and chambers of commerce to help them best position themselves to leverage crowdfund investing (CFI) for the benefit of their organizations.

We work with national governments around the world to design CFI mechanisms to maximize job creation and economic growth. After successfully creating and implementing the framework toAbout CCA legalize equity and debt based crowdfunding in the United States, global governments have engaged us to provide education and framework advice for their specific situations. CCA helps governments and stakeholders in evaluating their securities laws and in helping them determine what changes are required in order to permit CFI to occur within a re-regulated securities framework.

Crowdfund Capital Advisors has been engaged by the The World Bank to undertake an in depth research project analyzing the opportunities and challenges posed by Crowdfund Investing as an alternative source of early-stage finance for entrepreneurs and small/medium enterprises (SME’s) in developing countries around the globe. We have been selected as a key partner with the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) of the US State Department to provide consulting and policy expertise on early stage finance mechanisms, particularly Crowdfund Investing to support GEP initiatives in entrepreneurship and economic development globally. Our work with these organizations is focused on how Crowdfund Investing can significantly impact financial flows from regular investors to entrepreneurs and job creators in both the developed and developing worlds.

Crowdfund InvestingFor investors (from private equity and venture capital to angel investors), we create targeted action plans to profit in the emerging crowdfund investing ecosystem.

For corporations (small business to Fortune 1000) we provide strategic advice on campaign success and using crowdfunding for acquiring cutting edge deal flow and innovation.

The CCA Engagement MethodologyTM (CEM) provides a systematic approach in listening to the issues our clients face and then creating strategies that will maximize their return on investment.

For entrepreneurs we are creating a series of online courses to ensure they are well positioned to raise capital with their crowdfunding campaign. Jason, Zak, and Sherwood wrote the books Crowdfund Investing for Dummies and Crowdfund Investing in a day and they have used these books as a basis for their training course Success with Crowdfunding. Inside the training courses they dig in deeper into specific topics that are of the most use to the entrepreneur to both have a successful campaign and to be able to successfully bring a return to their investors. They speak about Crowdfunding at events globally.