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2016 Year End Regulation Crowdfunding Analysis

The 4th Quarter and first Fiscal Year has ended for Regulation Crowdfunding. It was a solid start to a new industry and is evolving just as we had expected. During 2016 the industry saw:

  • 21 Regulation Crowdfunding portals emerge
  • 186 companies in 36 states launch campaigns
  • By the year end 105 of them had closed. Of those
    • 52 (49.52%) hit their minimum funding targets and raised $13,115,477 in capital
    • 53 (50.48%) didn’t hit their funding targets and had $955,150 in capital returned to investors
  • Altogether $14,070,627 was committed to the 105 campaigns that closed signaling a slow and steady progress to the launch of Regulation Crowdfunding

Join us for the Second Quarterly and First Fiscal Year End Analysis of the Modern Private Capital Markets where we will be digging deep into the data and shedding light on:

  1. Success rate by issuers and total capital raised
  2. Rate of investor capital commitments over time
  3. States/Regions where capital is flowing vs those that are underperforming
  4. Average amount raised by successful campaigns
  5. Average valuation of companies that were successfully funded
  6. Average investment and number of investors in a successfully funded campaign
  7. Portal Performance:
    • Who is leading the issuer race?
    • Who has the most successful campaigns?
    • Who has raised the most money for campaigns?
    • Who has the most backers?
  8. Issuer Performance
    • What trends are we seeing in campaign launches?
    • What kind of fees are issuers paying portals?
    • How long does it take the average successful campaign to hit its funding target?
    • What impact does a video have on capital formation?
    • How does an issuer’s social network drive capital commitments?
    • How mature are these issuers and does this have any impact?
    • How does issuer communication affect their ability to raise funds?

For those that register now you will be able to schedule a free 30 minute call with us to answer any questions you have about the data!

All you need to do is register here! 

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